Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Let's do something different

Like many things in life this blog became a forgotten project.  It was never really meant to become anything more than a way to inform loved ones and family of life's goings on's, and let's be honest there are so many other mediums to do just that now that blogs are no longer needed for that particular endeavor.  So instead, I'd like to begin documenting and using this blog to track my progress in my new profession.  And, maybe some fun little quips about my life as well.

Newest Changes:

  • I graduated from grad school in December, and am now officially an occupational therapist (*squeal!*)
  • My long time boyfriend and I have separated.  Very sad, but these things happen, and life has a way of moving on whether we like it or not, so I've embraced the change as much as possible.
  • I have a job at a skilled nursing facility (SNF)
  • I live alone, for the first time in years and its very scary but very liberating I must say!

What the FuHell is Occupational Therapy?!:

I like to say that occupational therapy is the very close sister of physical therapy and speech therapy.  And, as a sister of three myself, I can tell you that this is honestly the best way for me to describe our relationship in the therapy world.  The three of us respect and love each other.  We couldn't do our jobs without the other.  However, the minute you step over that line that separates our living spaces in our shared and very small bedroom I will slice your face off with a butter knife and yell for mom to come GET you.

So, what exactly is occupational therapy?  We help people find their lives, their independence again.  For example, if someone has a stroke and they can't use their right side anymore they usually can't stand, eat, write, dress, go to the bathroom, get in and out of bed, go the grocery store, etc without a lot of help.  We come in and help them either improve the use of their right side, or help develop adaptive techniques they can use when their rehabilitation can only go so far.  When people experience a life changing injury, such as a stroke or spinal cord injury, people often think of all the things they're going to lose.  They are terrified of what all they will be unable to do or participate in.  It's my job to help them find a way to do those things that are important to them again.

I have yet to officially begin treating patients with this new job yet.  That starts next week, but it is my hope that as I begin this very scary and amazing journey I can share the lessons I learn here.  This being the first blog in (almost) 5 years, let's leave this week with just the update of where my life is for now.  And, I want to end each post with my own version of "Your Moment of Zen," let's call it...

"Your Nugget of Savvy"

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Ok, so something pretty amazing happened to me yesterday. I met my favoritist artist and got to see her perform live! It was, well, amazing!

Jason bought the tickets and surprised me on my birthday with them and I've been pretty freakin' excited for about a month now waiting for the day I got to see her perform. She was great, and her opening act The Guggenhiem Grotto wasn't too shabby either. My only complaint, too many chatty lesbians. Listen, I have nothing against those who kiss chics and whats not, but seriously, be polite, and shut the eff up! I do not care how much you love this song, nor do I want to hear about how you think of your ex every time you hear it. I'm here to hear her, not you Chatty Kathy!

All in all, great show. Not to mention due to my inherent awkwardness I wasn't going to stay after to meet Ingrid, but Jason convinced me to and I'm pretty stoked that I did. She's funny, she likes sweet potato fries and we take pictures like we're besties so in my mind, I just made a new best friend. Not a bad night, not bad at all.

Monday, October 11, 2010

365 Project(ish)

Ok so I forgot about this project... not gonna lie. So here are a few pictures of my birthday. Mostly nothing much has happened since that lovely day but I'll give you the highlights.

I've taken 2 tests in my anatomy class and have A's on both.

I was on set for the film "in the long run" that Ben Dewhurst is in the process of making. Here's the website if you want to learn more: www.inthelongrunfilm.com

I also have received A's on both tests in my other class Life Span Development.

Started my observation hours for my grad school application. So far I really like the hospital setting as opposed to the nursing home setting.

Decided that when I move into an apartment all by myself in December I'm getting my first doggie!! :)

OH! And the Colts won on my birthday so that was pretty sweet considering their record so far...

OK! Pictures!

Me in my new Colts jersey with Layla, Lezley's wiener dog

Ally and Jason made me dinner and a cake for my birthday

Friday, September 10, 2010


Life is full of new things that get mixed in with the old. My life hasn't changed much since I last posted. I'm still working on my pre-requisite classes to get into the grad school for Occupational Therapy at IUPUI, I'm still living in Indianapolis, still with the same amazing wonderful guy and I am still working at that retirement home.

My life is relatively stagnant from the outside looking in, but as you all know life moves on even if sometimes you don't. For example, I have a new computer (very exciting for me), I've decided that if I had enough money my design aesthetic for my apartment would be a country chic with some modern clean lines. My job, although still in the same building has changed and reverted back and changed again throughout the year.

I getting ready to turn 25 this month and it got me thinking... what do I want this year to be like? I know it should be full of happiness, but I'm sure I'll have some disappointments. I know that if it is anything like last year then I'll survive but I can't remember all the little things that happened this past year that made me happy. The big things stand out of course but the little things are what make the day to day a little more bearable. So, to document my year in the age of 25 I will be doing a project I heard of from a friend of mine.

For everyday I am 25 years old I will take a picture of something that represents that day and post it here. I'll give a little explanation and then as my year ends when I turn 26 I can look back and remember the little things, and the big things.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hey everyone! Does anyone remember when I was going to start using this blog as a place to share thoughts and funny jokes or anecdotes? If not look at the blog directly below this one.

I have failed in my mission to write more, share my thoughts and feelings and to generally be an awesome blogger. I apologize to all who were looking forward to the insight into my brain. To all my fans out there I have an announcement to make...

... i will probably not be blogging everyday. However, I do promise to start working on some material again. Due to the inspiration of my wonderful boyfriend I have started writing a journal and with that I will share some of my better entries. Give it time and you too will learn things about life you never thought I thought.

Monday, August 31, 2009

In the spirit of libations!

I have recently seen the movie, "Julie & Julia." Wonderful movie, really, funny, heart warming, all the nice fuzzy feelings that movies like that are supposed to do. This movie has since inspired me to start writing my blog less like an update forum and more like well... a blog. So, in the spirit of the moment I have a thought, a story really, I'd like to share with you all in the form of a blog.

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise to most who know me that this story is based on poo. I have wonderful exciting stories that I love to share, and so many of them revolve around poo, poop, feces, etc. This story begins in the bathroom on the second floor of the University Library on IUPUI's campus. Third stall down. I was not in this stall, no, I was in the first one, taking what I like to call an epic turd dunking. The day before you see I had gone without my usual cup o' Joe due to the fact that the day before I had some tummy troubles, so to give my on coming future ulcer a break I went without. As a consequence I did not poo that day. Sad, I know, but true. Fortunately this means the next day during a break from classes I finally got to take a massive, time stopping, joyous filled crap. You know, the kind that when you're done you feel a million times lighter, and surprisingly, happier. Oh man this thing was AWESOME!!

I was even more fortunate that when I went in the restroom, there was a very noisy couple of ppl that came in in front and behind me thus masking the kurplunking and thhhrumping that went along with it much less noticeable. I was almost finished when all of a sudden the last person was gone and I was stuck there on the pot with a very quiet, and we'll assume shy individual two stalls down from mine. These ppl suck. I mean, honestly, you're not performing nearly as embarrassing a procedure as I am, so finish it up and move on so I can walk out with some of my dignity left in tact. Yes, it's true, even I like to wait for the last person to leave before I do after taking a humung-o poop in a public restroom.

As I waited for this person to take their leave so to speak I realized that some how I had gotten myself into a toilet stand down. It was like playing the quiet game with our sphincters. We both just sat there, tinkling here and there, me letting out the last little bits of yesterday and this morning and still no one moved. She tinkled. I pooted. She shifted. I scratched... my arm. It was painful, simply painful just sitting there waiting for the other person to wipe, get up and out.

Finally, after a long long wait some poor unsuspecting soul came in and, no joke, sat right between us. AWKWARD!! I took this as my get out while you can excuse. I cleaned myself up and quickly, but thoroughly washed my hands and got the heck out of dodge!

The tension from the bathroom gone from my shoulders I sauntered back into the library, back to my computer and wrote this blog. To say the least I feel amazing now. Light and jovial. And I have to wonder, is that poor shy girl in the bathroom still sitting on that toilet waiting for the bathroom to be empty enough that she can walk out with her head held high? Someone should really tell her that in the end we all poop. And thank God for that!

Tata for now!


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Here in Brownsburg now!

So I have officially moved back up to Indiana. There was a time in my life when this prospect scared the living shit out of me... but I seem to have fallen right back into the life of corn fields, strip malls and bad hygiene that Indianians so desperately tend to cling to.

I have work too, in case anyone was interested. I work at Westside Garden Plaza on the westside of Indy. It's actually right in the middle of my commute to and from home and school which is neat. It's a senior living community and I work on the independent living side which just means less poo, and more doggies!!!!! It's kinda nice working with old crazy people and not always having to wipe thier ass...

...anyway... life is good and being closer to family and good friends in great! The picture is of the new work environment.